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The Beginning of Our Story

Chad and Juli went for a 20-week ultrasound in 2021 and found that their daughter was diagnosed with CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia). They relocated to Aurora, CO in early 2022 so the birth could happen in a hospital where they specialize in CDH.

Aria Genesis was born February 14, 2022 and immediately placed on life support and a ventilator. Her case was the most severe this hospital had seen. Four and a half beautiful and difficult months later, she passed away, on June 29, 2022. She touched the lives and hearts of many doctors and nurses in her 4.5 months on earth, and because of her life, changes were made in the hospital that will save hundreds of babies in the years to come. Her legacy will outlive us all.

Through their time as a family in the hospital, Chad and Juli received the inspiration to start a new business, and after she died, knew that their business would be named “Genesis Buildings”. Their mission is to honor Aria Genesis’ life and legacy in the way they interact with customers every day, to change lives for the better.

Who We Are

Genesis Buildings is owned and managed by three brother-in-laws: Chad, Joas, and Daryl.
They have chosen to bring together their talents, skills and experience to serve the shed industry in the state of Washington.

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Chad Stoltzfus

Chad is Aria’s dad, born in New York where he lived with his family for his early childhood before moving to West Virginia. The family lived there for nearly a decade, where Chad gained experience logging and building sheds with his dad for a few years. At 20-years-old he moved to North Carolina where he met his wife, Juli. They got married in 2019, and moved to Washington state soon after, where Chad has been putting his experience of eleven years in the shed industry to work. Chad and Juli recently welcomed their son, Finley in November 2023. His hobbies are golfing, traveling, buying small real estate, and working in business.

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Joas Plank

Joas’ parents were Amish until he was 6-years-old. He spent his childhood in Montana, and then spent the next decade working in Michigan and Kentucky. His building experience began on roofs, with a crew in Michigan, before going to Iraq on missions. He met his wife, Grace, in Iraq and they got married in 2018. They moved to Washington at the end of 2020 for Joas to work with Chad, where they celebrated the arrival of a baby girl in January, 2023. Joas’ hobbies include and are not limited to: hiking, camping, hunting, snowboarding and golfing.

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Daryl Nolt

Daryl was born in the heart of the Mennonite world, Lancaster PA, and has moved all over the world since. He lived in PA until he was 6-years-old, before moving with his family to spend the next few years in Florida and Georgia as part of disaster response. They then moved to Haiti to work in missions and spent the next eight years serving there — Daryl speaks Haitian Creole fluently. Back in the USA, Daryl spent time in Pennsylvania before landing in North Carolina where he married his wife Gloria in 2012. They now have three beautiful children. Daryl has spent approximately 16 years in the shed industry in various positions, and he and his family moved to Washington in 2023 to work alongside Joas and Chad in the business. His hobbies are searching the face of the earth for good coffee and golfing.

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